b'HOSE ACCESSORIES / JETTER HOSEENGINE OIL DRAIN HOSE ASSEMBLIESPART #DESCRIPTIONLGTHINLETOUTLETWTLISTAOD005GX160-200 Honda Engines61/8 MPT1/4 MPT.25$13.35AOD0096HP EX 170 & 9HP EX270 Robin Subaru Engines61/4 MPT 1/4 MPT.26$18.16AOD010GX270, 340, & 390 Honda Engines6M12x1.5mm MPT1/4 MPT.31$21.59AOD015GX610, 620, & 670 (Old Style) Honda Engines, 63/8 MPT 1/4 MPT.32$20.54Robin Subaru 18HP, 16-21HP Vanguard, & Kohler 14-27HP V-Twin Engines AOD016GX630, 660, & 690 ( New Style) Honda Engines6M20x1.5mm MPT1/4 MPT.32$21.70AOD016-18Same as Above - 18 Long Hose18M20x1.5mm MPT1/4 MPT.42$24.37AOD018Kohler Diesel KDW1003 26HP243/8 MPT 1/4 MPT.46$20.42AOD038Kohler 38-40HP Engines61/2 MPT1/4 MPT.34$18.74PUMP OIL DRAIN HOSE ASSEMBLIESPART #DESCRIPTIONLGTHINLETWTLISTAOD030 AOD020CAT Pumps Solid Shaft101/4 MPT.29$18.86AOD030All AR Pumps63/8 MPT .34$16.93AOD035All GP Solid Shaft61/4 MPT.26$18.16AOD035 AOD035-18All GP Solid Shaft - 18 Long Hose181/4 MPT.35$20.63AOD035-24All GP Solid Shaft - 24 Long Hose241/4 MPT.40$21.95AOD036All GP - EZ Series Pumps61/4 MPT.26$18.16AOD036 OUTLET FOR ALL ASSEMBLIES: 1/4 MPTJETTER HOSEPART #LGTHPSIDIA COLORINLETOUTLETWTLISTPRO020505048001/8 Black1/8 MP1/8 MP1.45$118.30PRO04100S PRO0210010048001/8 Black1/8 MP1/8 MP2.7$200.55PRO04050S5044001/4 Black1/4 MP1/4 MPX3.3$122.45PRO04100S10044001/4 Black1/4 MP1/4 MPX6.35$237.82 PRO04150S15044001/4 Black1/4 MP1/4 MPX9.45$347.42PRO04200S20044001/4 Black1/4 MP1/4 MPX12.6$464.71PRO04250S25044001/4 Black1/4 MP1/4 MPX19.5$571.73PRO06100S10040003/8Black3/8 MP3/8 MPX11.8$449.40PRO06150S15040003/8Black3/8 MP3/8 MPX17.5$654.73PRO06200S20040003/8Black3/8 MP3/8 MPX27.5$765.58PRO06250S25040003/8Black3/8 MP3/8 MPX31.9$924.39PRO06300S30040003/8Black3/8 MP3/8 MPX37$1,027.50PRO08050S5040001/2Green1/2 MP1/2 MPX9.6$353.18PRO06300S PRO08100S10040001/2Green1/2 MP1/2 MPX18.25$611.42NOTE:Ask About Other Available LengthsMP=Solid MPX=Swivel88 DONT SEE THE EXACT HOSE ACCESSORY / JETTER HOSE THAT YOU NEED, CALL US TODAY.'