b'SPECIALTY NOZZLES/NOZZLE CLEANERSX-JET LONG RANGE CHEMICAL NOZZLESX-Jet - The Original - Projects Chemicals up to 40 FeetPART #NOZZLEGPMPSIWTLISTSIZE XJET-09K#93-3.52000-30002.85$326.68XJET-13K#134-63000-40002.85$326.68XJET-13K XJET-16K#166.5-83000-40002.85$326.68Kit Includes: X-Jet Long Range Nozzle, Low Pressure Close Range Nozzle, 15 Piece Proportioner Set, Shut Off Ball Valve, Strainer, &15 Suction Hose w/ BarbTEMP: 190 F MaxInlet:1/4 QC Plug NOTE: QC= Quick ConnectX-JET M5 NOZZLESXJET X-JET M5 Works Just Like The Original X-Jet, But The Close Range Nozzle Is Replaced By A Built-In Adjustable Nozzle That Projects Chemicals Up To 40 @ 0 Or Down To An8 Fan Pattern @ 60 With Just A Twist !PART #NOZZLEGPMPSIWTLISTSIZE XJETM5-09K#92.5-3.52000-30002.90$367.78XJETM5-13K#134-63000-4000 2.90$367.78XJETM5-16K#166.5-83000-40002.90$367.78Kit Includes: X-Jet Long Range M5 Adjustable Nozzle, 15 Piece Propor-tioner Set, Shut Off Ball Valve, Strainer, & 15 Suction Hose w/ BarbXJETM5-13K TEMP: 190 F MaxInlet:1/4 QC Plug NOTE: QC= Quick ConnectX-JET REPLACEMENT PARTSPART#DESCRIPTIONWTLISTOR9#9 Orifice.04$41.10OR13#13 Orifice.04$41.10OR16#16 Orifice.04$41.10XM5RVNReplacement M5 Variable Nozzle.18$71.92XPP-PACK XPP-PACKProportioners- 14 Pack.05$41.07Steam NozzlePART #Description WTLIST17.0023 Steam Nozzle.29$18.4117.0023 TEMP: 266 F MaxPSI: 1450 MaxInlet: 1/4 FPT Nozzle CleanersPART #Description WTLISTNCQC-B NCQC-BNozzle Cleaner, Brass.09$11.89 NCQC-P Nozzle Cleaner, Plastic.01$2.79NCQC-P104'