b"GIANT PUMPSDEVILBISSREPLACEMENT PUMPGXRV2224-212 GXH2525A-111H PUMPS WITH BUILT-IN UNLOADER & INJECTORPART #GPM PSISHAFTRPMBORE DIA.STROKEWTLISTVertical Shaft PumpsGXRV2224-2122.224007/8 345016mm4.7mm9.0$443.80 Horizontal Shaft PumpsGXH2525-111H2.525003/4345016mm5.1mm9.0$513.33GXH2525A-111H*2.525007/8 Short345016mm5.1mm9.0$409.69*Devilbiss pump is under black plastic cover.(for short shaft Honda engine)P219R P316L P422RSOLID SHAFT PUMPSPART #GPM PSISHAFTRPMBORE DIA.STROKEWTLISTP420AL12.8217528mm145025mm24mm36.5$4,142.06P219R4.2250024mm175018mm12.4mm11.7$1,265.63P220L4.7250024mm175018mm14.1mm11.7$1,265.63P316L 5 2750 24mm 1750 18mm 15mm 16 $1,331.38P316R 5 2750 24mm 1750 18mm 15mm 16 $1,331.38P422R9.9300028mm145022mm24mm36.5$4,142.06P316R 4.1 3300 24mm 1450 18mm 15mm 16 $1,331.38P314R 4.4 4000 24mm 3450 12mm 15mm 16 $1,364.25R suffix = Right-hand Shaft/L suffix = Left-hand ShaftALL PUMPS REQUESTED TO SHIP UPS WILL RECEIVE FOAM PACKAGING TO ENSURE SAFE DELIVERYNEED PUMP PARTS?CALL US TODAY. WE'RE YOUR PUMP PARTS HEADQUARTERS!32"