b'LOW PSI PLUMBING FITTINGSGARDEN HOSE ADAPTER FITTINGSPART #DESCRIPTION INLETWTLIST510228 510228Nut3/4 FGH.09$5.59510032 510031GH Adapter3/8 MPT.07$5.13510032GH Adapter1/2 MPT.09$5.26720039 720039Garden Inlet Retention Spring, SS.01$1.68NOTE:SS = Stainless Steel508-12-08 507-12-12 BCF-76 BCM-76GARDEN HOSE SOLID FITTINGS GARDEN HOSE BARBSPART #DESCRIPTION WTLIST PART #DESCRIPTION WTLIST508-12-083/4 MGH x 1/2 MPT.15$3.99 BCF-76GH Barb x 3/4 FGH.14$5.71509-12-123/4 MGH x 3/4 MPT.14$4.39 BCM-76GH Barb x 3/4 MGH.16$8.30507-12-123/4 MGH x 3/4 FPT.14$4.39BM-1612 BM-1212 272-04-04 27290-06-04BRASS HOSE NIPPLES PUSH LOCK HOSE BARBSPART #BARB X MPT WTLIST PART #BARB X MPT WTLISTBM-1212 3/4 x 3/4 .18$6.49 272-04-02 1/4 x 1/8.04$1.32BM-1612 1x 3/4.22$9.49 272-04-041/4 x 1/4.05$1.69BM-1616 1x 1.22$9.86 272-04-061/4 x 3/8.06$3.09BM-2016 1-1/4x 1.23$19.50272-06-023/8 x 1/8.04$2.13272-06-043/8 x 1/4.06$1.77272-06-063/8 x 3/8.06$2.23272-06-083/8 x 1/2.12 $4.08272-08-041/2 x 1/4.09$2.98HN-075 HN-100 272-08-061/2 x 3/8.08$3.00STEEL HOSE NIPPLES 272-08-081/2 x 1/2.12$5.71PART #BARB X MPT WTLIST NOTE: For Use With Push On Style Hose - No Clamp RequiredPush Lock 90 Elbow Hose BarbsHN-0501/2x 1/2.12$9.78 27290-06-043/8 x 1/4.08$4.81HN-0753/4x 3/4.18$10.06HN-1001 x 1.29$12.1227290-06-063/8 x 3/8.13$5.67HN-1251-1/4 x 1-1/4.55$8.47 27290-06-083/8 x 1/2.11$20.05HN-1501-1/2 x 1-1/2.81$16.23 27290-08-081/2 x 1/2.23$10.73HN-2002 x 21.3$23.67 NOTE: For Use With Push On Style Hose - No Clamp Required112 DONT SEE THE EXACT LOW PSI FITTING THAT YOU NEED, CALL US TODAY.'