b'WHISPER PRO SURFACE CLEANERSSuggested ApplicationsDriveways, Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Pool and Patio Decks, Service Stations, Warehouse Floors, Loading Docks, School Yards, Public Facilities, Marina Docks, Restaurants, Stadiums, Tile Roofs, Tennis Courts, And Lots More!!USE WITH EAGLE WASHCOLD ORHOT MODELPSIGPMCVR CVR DIAWTLIST WATERWP-EW10002000-50004 - 6ABS1614$1,046.61WP-EW20002000-50004 - 6ABS2015$1,364.34DESCRIPTION:2 Nylon Brush, Powder Coated Handle, 2500 RPM TEMP: 185 FULTRA CLEAN WITH WHEELSMODELPSIGPMCVR CVR DIAWTLIST WP-UC19WW2000-50003 - 6ABS1919$1,140.07WP-EW1000 DESCRIPTION:Four 3 Castors, Powder Coated Handle, 2500 RPMTEMP: 185 FCLASSIC YELLOWWP-UC19WWMODELPSIGPMCVR CVR DIAWTLIST WP-2000 WP-20002000-50004 - 10ABS2019$1,626.00DESCRIPTION:2 Nylon Brush, Portable Breakaway Handle, 2500 RPMTEMP: 212 FEXCLUSIVE FEATURESONE-PIECE UNITIZED SWIVEL CARTRIDGEONE-YEAR FULL COVERAGE WARRANTY5000 PSI MAX WORKING PRESSURE212F MAXIMUM TEMPERATUREGROUND FORCEFOR 4 NOZZLEMODEL ADD -4 MODELPSIGPMCVR CVR DIAWTLIST AT END OF MODEL # WP-24002000-50004 - 10PC Alum2427$1,962.41DESCRIPTION:2 Nylon Brush, Flip and Fold Handle, Four 3 Castors, Choice USE WITH of 2 or 4 Nozzles, 2500 RPM TEMP: 212 FCOLD ORHOT BIG GUYWATER MODELPSIGPMCVR CVR DIAWTLISTWP-28002000-50004 - 10PC Alum2841$1,999.79DESCRIPTION:2 Nylon Brush, One 4 Castor, Two 10 Pneumatic Tires, WP-2400 Oversized,Self-lubricating Twin Thrust Bearings, 2500 RPMTEMP: 212 FMAXIMA 36WP-2800 MODELPSIGPMCVR CVR DIAWTLISTWP-36002000-50004 - 10PC Alum3637$2,429.65WP-3600 DIMENSIONS:39 x 37 x 12, Expensive to UPS TEMP: 212 FNOTE: Weights shown are for units only, not packaged shipping weights.66'