b'REMOTE FUEL TANKSLP-LIQUID PROPANE TANKS & ACCESSORIESMIB-42413-38PART #DESCRIPTIONWTLIST MAN1220*Tank, LP-Liquid Propane Cylinder, 40#/9.2Gal32.36$447.90MIB-G1654-A MAN1800Tank Rack, Holds 2 - 40# Propane Cylinders7.24$90.20 MIB-42413-48Hose, Propane, 40.5$33.84MIB-G1654-ATank Adapter0.29$28.56HLY46-64Fitting, Propane Tank0.14$3.09HLY48-64Fitting, Propane Tank0.38$2.87MAN1220 MAN1800 *DIMENSIONS: 29.4 L x 12.2 DIA520055 520014D-GRN 819145AE 080191BEDIESEL TANKSPART #DESCRIPTIONDIMENSIONSWTLIST 520055Diesel Fuel Tank, Black Plastic 8.5 Gal. w/ Cap, 17.75 L x 13 W x 11 H6.69$134.99Fits all 2&4 Wheel H/W520014D-GRNCap, Green Plastic, Diesel Fuel Only ReplacementN/A0.09$26.46Fits 520055 & 520060 (Old Style) 819145AEDiesel Fuel Tank, Black Plastic 12 Gal. w/ Cap, 40.5 L x 16.5 W x 11 H11.66$233.57Fits Pro-Super Skids & HDC Diesel Models080191BEDiesel Cap w/ Teather, 3.5" Top Vent, Green, N/A0.20$33.14Fits 819145AE (New Style) REMOTE GAS TANKSPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLIST 620049LP-1*Fuel Tank, Remote, 6 Gal. Red Plastic 8.75$169.55080175AE A001173Gas Cap w/ Compliant Vent, Fits 620049LP-1 &.20$44.55IDA000879BR (Old Style) Gas Tanks819143AE** Gas Tank, Red Plastic 12 Gal. w/ Cap &14.88$705.66Roll Over Vent, Pro-Super Skids & HDC Models819143AE 080175AEGas Cap w/ Teather, 3.5" Non-Vented .30$43.86EPA Compliant, Fits 819143AE (New Style)A001173 * DIMENSIONS: 21-1/8 L x 13-1/2 W x 10 H ** DIMENSIONS: 40.5 L x 16.5 W x 11 HGAS TANK ASSEMBLIESPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLIST AGT020Fuel Tank Assy., Remote, 620049LP-1 Tank w/ 9.35$285.02Hose & Check Valve QCs49 State Only - NOT for CA AGT020-CFuel Tank Assy., Remote, 620049LP-1 Tank, Fitted For 11.18$382.77Honda w/ Hose, Carbon Canister,& Check Valve QCs - 50 State ApprovedAGT021-CFuel Tank Assy., Remote, 620049LP-1 Tank, Fitted For 11.2$381.49AGT020-C Kohler & Vanguard w/ Hose, Carbon Canister,& Check Valve QCs - 50 State Approved 126 DONT SEE THE EXACT TANK THAT YOU NEED, CALL US TODAY.'