b'HYDRO TEK POLY TANKS & ACCESSORIESHydro Teks custom bulk water tanks are made from seamless linear polyethylene. Tanks include a large 10 fill lid. The 200 gallon tank is self supporting, while cages or strapping are recommended on larger tanks to keep shape when full.POLYETHYLENE TANKS w/ LIDPART #DESCRIPTIONGALCOLORDIMENSIONSWTLISTWT201Polyethylene Tank200white48x29x3468$972.91WT201 WT265Polyethylene Tank270white48x34x4197$1,191.46TANK ASSEMBLIES* w/ FILTER & FITTINGSPART #DESCRIPTIONGALCOLORDIMENSIONSWTLISTAW201Tank Assembly200 white48x29x3473$1,297.21AW270Tank Assembly270white48x34x41102$1,590.95*NOTE: Assemblies include tank w/ lid, Hydro Tek Logo, 1-1/2 Installed PlumbingWT265 (Gate Valve, Tee, Filter, Nipple, Bushing &Hose Barb)HYDRO TEK POLY TANK LIDS WT010PART #DESCRIPTIONWTLISTWT010Tank Lid 10, Fits 200 & 270 gallon models1$33.54WT304Tank Lid 8, Fits 2006 & older models1$116.92You wont need to create a tie down strap, weve done it already. The stainless hold down straps are fabricated to fit these tanks securely and aesthetically. Simply bolt straps down to your flat trailer. Straps are sold individually, two straps required per tank.HYDRO TEK WATER TANK STRAPSPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLISTHCS20Tank Strap, S/S, Fits 200 Gallon HT Tanks, 2 Required per Tank5$107.16HTS34Tank Strap, 3-pc. S/S, Fits 270 Gallon HT Tanks, 2 Required per Tank12.5$259.44HTS18Side Strap for 270 Gallon Hydro Tek Tank5$146.34HTS35Tank Strap, 3-pc. for (2) Tandem Mounted 270 Gallon Hydro Tek Tanks16.5$334.47HYDRO TEK WATER TANK PLUMBING PARTSVVB10PART #DESCRIPTIONWTLISTVVB10Gate Valve 1-1/2, PVC.6$46.64VF150Canister Filter, 1-1/2 FPT In/Out, T-Type1.2$57.92VF153Screen Element, 180 Micron, Fits VF150.07$24.36 VF150VF151O-Ring, Fits VF150.01$57.92VF125Canister Filter, 3/4 MPT In/Out, Y-Type.7$92.30VF140Screen Element, 200 Micron, Fits VF125.1$58.73VF145Canister Filter, 3/4 FPT In/Out, T-Type, 80 Mesh.3$41.74VF140124'