b'CHEMICALSDETERGENTPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLIST RED-1Red Pro, Detergent - 1 Gal.8.75$18.08 RED-5Red Pro, Detergent - 5 Gal.44.1$76.43NOTE: Design Cleaning Compound for:House Washing, Mobile Homes, Fleet Cleaning, & RED-1 RED-5 Buildings / 55 Gal. Drum - Available, Call for Pricing, Not a Stock ItemDEGREASERPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLIST PUR-1Purple Pro, Degreaser - 1 Gal.8.75$20.99 PUR-5Purple Pro, Degreaser - 5 Gal.44.45$96.98 NOTE: Design Cleaning Compound for:Heavy Duty Degreasing / 55 Gal. Drum - Available, Call for Pricing, Not a Stock ItemPUR-1 PUR-5RUST REMOVERPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLIST CLR-1Clearly Pink Pro, Rust Remover - 1 Gal.8.95$22.19CLR-5Clearly Pink Pro, Rust Remover - 5 Gal.45.4$94.52NOTE: Highly Concentrated Acid Cleaner / Professional-Grade Formula / An acid cleaner built for the special jobs normal detergents cant touch. This acid based cleaner will bring aluminum back to a like new finish, quick and efficiently. Clearly Pink Pro also removes sulphur and rust stains CLR-1 CLR-5 from walkways and walls like magic. / 55 Gal. Drum - Available, Call for Pricing, Not a Stock ItemSTAIN REMOVERPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLIST WHITE-1 WHITE-1White Stuff, (STAIN-GO) - 1 Gal.8.25$28.76NOTE: Professional-Grade Mobile Home & RV Cleaner / For Removal of Streaks and Filmfrom New Mobile Homes and Recreational VehiclesWASH & WAXPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLIST 7800-GLOSSY 7800-GLOSSYGlossy, VEHICLE WASH and WAX - 1 Gal.8.8$22.24NOTE: For Automobiles, Busses, Trucks, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles & Boats, etc. / Leaves Surface with a Waxy Shine / Works with Pressure Washing Systems or Manual ApplicationCHEMICALS CANNOT SHIP VIA UPS.Ask about Chemical Shipping.108 DONT SEE THE EXACT CHEMICAL THAT YOU NEED, CALL US TODAY.'