b'LOW PSI PLUMBING FITTINGSBR40-34x2 BR40-1x2 BR40-1x3 BL80-12X5BRASS NIPPLES STEEL NIPPLEPART #MPT X LGTH WTLIST PART #MPT X LGTH WTLISTBR40-18x2121/8 x 2-1/2.05$5.09 BL80-12X51/2 x 5.41$6.65BR40-12x31/2 x 3.18$10.80 NOTE:Schedule 80 PipeBR40-12x61/2 x 6.40$21.82BR40-34x23/4 x 2.15$7.03BR40 34x33/4 x 3.24$11.02BR40-1xC1 x CLOSE.15$12.70 G40-34x6BR40-1x21 x 2.19$9.41 GALVANIZED NIPPLESBR40 1x31 x 3.28$21.55 PART #MPT X LGTH WTLISTBR40 114x31-1/4 x 3.55$31.73NOTE:Schedule 40 Pipe G40-14x41/4 x 4.13$3.86G40-14x51/4 x 5.17$4.97GALVANIZEDCOUPLINGS G40-34x63/4 x 6.50$5.09PART #FPT WTLIST G40-1x21 x 2.18$3.49G30-343/4 .26$4.32 G40-1x31 x 3.37$3.49G30-11.40$6.49 G40-1x121 x 121.5$14.79G30-34 NOTE:Schedule 40 Pipe116F4XM12-1.5 7045-06-20 ED0000-P1Z-SOIL DRAIN FITTINGSPART #DESCRIPTIONFPT X M-MPT (METRIC)WTLIST 116F4XM12-1.5Street Elbow 90 Deg, Oil Drain, Fits Honda1/4 x M12-1.5mm.07$6.43GX270-GX390 Engines7045-06-20Adapter, Oil Drain, Fits Honda GX630, GX660, 3/8 x M20-1.5mm.05$5.26& GX690 EnginesED0000-P1Z-SAdapter, Oil Drain, Fits Kohler Diesel KDW7023/8 x M18-1.5mm.13$175.92(16.8HP) & KDW1003(26.1HP) EnginesSee page 88 for complete Dont see the exactOil Drain Hose Assemblies Low PSI Fitting you need?Call us today.AOD036 We can have it drop shippedfor the RIGHT price!113'