b'PARTS & ACCESSORIES TABLE OF CONTENTSChemical Injectors High PSI Plumbing FittingsDownstream Standard Draw 10% HP Street Elbows 90 116Chemical Injectors.106 HP Female & Male Elbows 90 .116Downstream Dual Port Chemical Injectors.106 HP Hex Nipples.116Downstream High Draw 20% Chemical Injectors 106 HP 2.5 Long Nipple116Chemical Injector Assemblies HP Female Tees & Crosses .116Downstream Standard Draw 10% Chemical HP Reducing Hex Nipples.116Injector Assemblies.107 HP Hex Bushings116Downstream High Draw 20% Chemical HP Couplings116Injector Assemblies.107 HP Male Reducing Elbow 90 116Chemicals HP Male Elbow 45 116Detergent .108 HP Street Elbow 45 116Degreaser .108 Manifold Blocks116Rust Remover 108 High PSI Splitters & FiltersStain Remover .108 Splitters117Wash & Wax.108 High Pressure Inline Filters .117Pump Crankcase Oil .109 Quick ConnectsTeflon Tape & Threadlock.109 Brass Sockets118Pump Saver Antifreeze.109 Brass with Grip Sockets.118Coil Descaler & Soot Remover .109 Stainless Steel Sockets118Water Filters Coated Steel Plugs.118Blue Max Water Filters110 Stainless Steel Plugs118Spraying Systems Water Filters.110 Twist Coupler Sockets.118Green Cap Water Filter110 Twist Coupler Plugs.118Viper & Duraview Water Filter110 Twist Coupler Socket X Quick Connect Plug.118Water Filter Assemblies Brass Quick Connect Sockets X Twist Coupler Plug .118Blue Max Water Filter Assembly111 Twist Coupler Plug X Twist Coupler Plug.118Inlet Filter Assembly.111 Twist Coupler Socket X Twist Coupler Socket .118Y Inlet Strainers.111 Garden Hose Quick Connects118Garden Hose Washers.111 Brass Quick Connects119Garden Hose Inlet Fittings with Port.111 Coated Steel Quick Connects .119Garden Hose Inlet Fittings without Port.111 10,000 PSI Quick Connects .119Low PSI Plumbing Fittings Double Shut-Off Coupler & Plug.119Garden Hose Adapter Fittings112 Wand Saver Plug119Garden Hose Solid Fittings112 O-Ring Removal Pick Tools.119Brass & Steel Hose Nipples 112 Replacement O-Rings.119Garden Hose Barbs112 Gauges & Gauge AssembliesPush Lock Hose Barbs.112 Pressure Gauges, Bottom & Back Mount.120Brass Nipples113 Temperature Gauge 120Galvanized Couplings.113 Pressure Test Gauge Assemblies.120Steel Nipple113 Pressure & Temperature Test Gauge Assembly .120Galvanized Nipples.113 Hydrostatic Test Gauge Assemblies.120Oil Drain Fittings113 Ball Valves & AssembliesPVC Tees114 PVC Ball Valves.121PVC 90 Elbows114 Ball Valves121PVC 90 Street Elbows114 Ball Valve Assemblies121PVC Couplings.114 Float Valves / Tank FittingsPVC Hex Bushings.114 Float Tank Assemblies 122Polypropylene Tee114 Float Valves.122Polypropylene Hose Barbs114 Liquid Level Switch122Polypropylene 90 Elbow Hose Barbs.114 Hudson Valve122Female Elbows 90.115 Tank Bulkhead Fittings 122Hex Couplings115Poly Tanks & AccessoriesEnd Cap115 Polypropylene Tanks.123Countersunk Plugs115 Tank Lids & Accessories .123Hex & Face Bushings .115 Tank Bands & Accessories .123Female Tees.115 Hydro Tek Poly Tanks & AccessoriesStreet Elbows 90 115 Polyethylene Tanks w/ Lid .124Adapters115 Tank Assemblies w/ Filter & Fittings 124Hex Head Plugs115 Hydro Tek Poly Tank Lids .124Hex Nipples115 Hydro Tek Water Tank Straps 124Reducing Hex Nipples.115 Hydro Tek Water Tank Plumbing Parts 124Street Elbows 45 115 Hydro Tek Tanks & AccessoriesMale Elbows115 Hydro Tek Float Tank Parts 125Hydro Tek Fuel Tanks, Accessories & Fittings .1253'