b'HOSE ASSEMBLIESArmor-Flex PRO Premium Grade Hose AssembliesPART#TYPELGTHPSICOLORWTLISTHOS270-AFP1- Wire50\'4000Blue12.2$118.08HOS27 5- AFP1- Wire100\'4000Blue23.6$224.78 HOS2 80-AFP1- Wire50\'4000Gray12.2$118.08 AHS280-AFP HOS285-AFP1- Wire100\'4000Gray23.6$224.78 HOS330-AFP2 - Wire50\'5500Black15.3$215.92ACHINEDDE IN THE US HOS335 Wire100\'5500Black29.7$421.68, M A -AFP2- E D A N AD M HOS380-AFP2 - Wire50\'5500Gray15.3$226.14NG MI A HOS385-AFP2- Wire100\'5500Gray29.7$442.08SE DD EAHS270-AFP*1- Wire50\'4000Blue12.4$128.57 IN TH MA E IN SA AHS271- Wire100\'4000Blue23.8$235.28E USA DTHE U 5 -AFP* AHS2AFP*1- Wire50\'4000Gray12.4$128.5780AFP * AHS2851- Wire100\'4000Gray23.8$235.28AHS330-AFP *2 - Wire50\'5500Black15.5$243.09 AHS335-AFP *2-Wire100\'5500Black29.9$452.29 AHS275-AFP AH0-AFP*2 - Wire50\'5500Gray15.5$247.17S38 AHS385-AFP *2- Wire100\'5500Gray29.9$473.69 DESCRIPTION: 3/8" Diameter Hose3/8" MPT Solid x 3/8" MPT Swivel TEMP: -20F to +250FNOTE: NOT FOR STEAM SERVICE *With Quick Connects.75\' & 200\' Lengths Available - Call Factory Whitewater Steam Combo Hose, MACHINED A ADE IN THE US PART#TYPELGTHPSI COLOR WT LISTE D N AD M HOS050-SC1-Wire50\'3000Black12.3$365.94NG MSI A HOS100-SC1-Wire100\'3000Black23.3$688.12E DD EDESCRIPTION: 3/8" Diameter Hose, 3/8" MPT Solid x 3/8" MPT Solid IN TH SA MADE IN THE USAE U TEMP: 250F Max @ 3000 PSI / 325F Max @ 350 PSIJUMPER HOSEHOS050-SC PART #TYPELGTHPSIWTLIST3/8 Diameter Quality High Pressure HoseHOS200-0241-Wire24000.80$17.31HOS200-024 HOS200-0481-Wire440001.5$21.61HOS200-0721-Wire640002.15$25.92HOS200-0961-Wire840002.8$30.23HOS300-0242-Wire26000 .95$18.66HOS300-0482-Wire460001.6$24.33HOS300-0722-Wire660002.2$30.00 HOS300-024 HOS300-0962-Wire860002.8$35.65HOS800-0242-Wire274001.0$31.07HOS800-0482-Wire474001.7$37.10HOS800-0722-Wire674002.3$43.04DESCRIPTION:3/8 MPT Solid x 3/8 MPT Swivel COLOR: BlackHOS800-024 7400 PSI Hose has 3/8 MPT Solid x 3/8 MPT Solid1/2 Diameter Quality High Pressure HoseHOS500-020/8MP1-Wire2040001.45$27.76 HOS500-036/8MP1-Wire340001.95$33.15HOS500-096/8MP1-Wire840005.25$53.29HOS500-032/8MP HOS500-180/8MP/8MPX1-Wire1540009.8$81.45DESCRIPTION:1/2" MPT Solid x 1/2" MPT Swivel / COLOR: BlackNOTE: Custom Lengths Available in R1, R2, Black or Gray84'