b'SURFACE CLEANERS / PARTSGP PROFESSIONAL FLAT SURFACE CLEANERSMODELPSIGPMCVR CVR DIAWTLIST DFSCP18GZ DCFSCP20GZ DFSCP121500-35006POLY*124.0$404.33DFSCP18GZ1000-40008ABS1825.5$712.12DCFSCP20GZ1000-40008ABS2029$854.55DCFSCS22Z1000-40008SS2224.5$1,458.94TEMP:180 F*PolypropyleneGP - THE HAMMERHEAD REPLACEMENT PARTSMODELAPPLICATION DESCRIPTIONWTLIST Rotary Head Swivels - Complete Assemblies 2103220Complete Rotary Head Assembly w/ 1.95$512.62Grease Zerk, Fits DFSCP18GZ & DCFSC20GZ2103221Complete Rotary Head Assembly, Sealed, 1.95$539.61Fits DFSCP18 & DCFSCP20Rotary Head Swivel - Repair Kits & Parts2100203Minor Repair Kit, Fits All Models.35$21.592103220 2100373Major Repair Kit, Fits All Sealed Models w/ .90$187.732103221 Rotary Head2100373 2100372Major Repair Kit, Fits All Models w/ 2103220 .95$187.73Rotary Head w/ Grease Zerk2640015Bearing, Fits Sealed Swivel Models.35$35.02DFSCP18 & DCFSCP20, 2 Required 2640004Bearing, Fits 2103220 Swivel Modelsw/.35$54.152200038 2640004 Grease Zerk, 2 Required2200038Stem, Swivel (Rotor Shaft) Fits All Models.25$97.202530052 Rotary Arm Assemblies w/ Nozzles253005218 Rotary Arm Assembly w/ Nozzles.80$45.732530009 253000920 Rotary Arm Assembly w/ Nozzles.85$56.06Brush Assemblies266004918 Brush Assembly w/ 7 Clips1.30$105.40266005920 Brush Assembly w/ 12 Clips1.45$123.57Brush Clip Kit2100204Kit, Includes 1-clip, 1-screw, 2-washers, & 1-nut.35$6.402100204 2660049 Replacement GunDCG4000FSCGun, Fits All GP Hammerhead Models1.45$100.50Replacement Deck/Housing266011918 Deck/Housing3.5$114.31266004520 Deck/Housing3.95$126.35Flat Surface Cleaner Caster Kit2100200 DCG4000FSC 2100200Flat Surface Cleaner Caster Kit3.45$99.37DONT SEE THE EXACT SURFACE CLEANER PARTS THAT YOU NEED, CALL US TODAY.65'