b'HYDRO TEK TANKS & ACCESSORIESWT040 HYDRO TEK FLOAT TANK PARTSPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLISTWT0404 Gallon Float Tank Blank, Raw3.45$94.50HH400Tank Cap, Stainless Steel, Fits HT Float Tank.02$10.67HH400 DFF10Water Tank Bushing 5/8.01$3.05VF050Tube Strainer, 50 Mesh.01$4.73DFF10VF050WT078HYDRO TEK FUEL TANKSWT075PART #DESCRIPTIONWTLISTWT075Diesel Fuel Tank 8 Gallon, Clear5$167.68WT08N Gasoline Fuel Tank 8 Gallon, Black *Nylene5.5$406.99WT078Diesel Fuel Tank 18 Gallon, Clear9.5$213.41WT077 Gasoline Fuel Tank 18 Gallon, Black *Nylene10.6$657.53 WT08N*NOTE: Non permiable, Carb. & EPA approvedWT081 HYDRO TEK FUEL TANK ACCESSORIESPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLISTWT080 Fuel Cap, Diesel.08$12.18WT081Fuel Cap, Gasoline.08$12.18 WT08G*Gas Cap, Ratcheted w/ Tether.18$25.91WT08G WT08DDiesel Cap, Ratcheted w/ Tether.18$25.91WT8GA WT8GA*Fuel Cap w/ Level Gauge, Ratcheted w/ Tether.5$88.80HFC10**Fuel Tank Straps, Stainless Steel w/ Turnbuckles1.5$44.21NOTE: *Carb. & EPA Approved**Field replacement stainless bands with turnbuckles to field replace worm gear style strapsHYDRO TEK FUEL TANK FITTINGSPART #DESCRIPTIONWTLISTDF599Fuel Tank Dip Tube 12.5".08$10.36 DF599DFE04Fuel TankElbow Fitting.06$4.42DFF04*Fuel TankBushing.01$1.34*NOTE: Bushing Requires .495-.500 Hole DFE04DFF04125'