b'1/4" MEG SPRAY NOZZLESV00030M V15035M V25035M V40040MVIPER BRASS QC SOAP SHOOTERPART NO.DESCRIPTIONWTLISTAB00006G AB00006GSoap Shooter, Long.05$6.02Range Detergent NozzleVIPER 1/4" MEG HIGH PRESSURE SPRAY NOZZLESNOZZLEDESCRIPTION0Cutting Nozzle. It delivers a concentrated stream that can gouge or cut.It can cut stubborn stains from concrete and other hard surfaces.15 Chiseling Nozzle. Working at a 45 angle, this nozzle works like a scraper,stripping paint, grease and grime from hard surfaces.25 Flushing Nozzle. The most commonly used nozzle for cleaning dirt fromsiding, sidewalks and metal furniture as well as for wet sweeping leaves. 40 Wash Nozzle. Its widespray allows you to wash and rinse a large area fast.It is usually safe with most surfaces, including aluminum siding, windowsand vehicles.Nozzle Fan SelectionSelect the nozzle degree or spray angle, based on your application. Standard nozzle degrees 0, 15, 25, 40. Using the wrong nozzle degree can damage the surface you are cleaning.0 15 25 40VIPER 1/4" MEGVIPER 1/4" MEG NOZZLES - PART NUMBER CHARTNOZZLESNOZZLE SIZE0 - RED15 - YELLOW25 - GREEN40 - WHITELIST:$3.68 WT: .05 3.0V00030MV15030MV25030MV40030M 3.5V00035MV15035MV25035MV40035M4.0V00040MV15040MV25040MV40040M 4.5V00045MV15045MV25045MV40045MVIPER BRASS 1/4" MEG CHEMICAL NOZZLENOZZLE SIZEPART NO.ANGLEWTLISTV65400M 40.0V65400M65.05$3.5093'