b'HYDRO TWISTER SURFACE CLEANERSThe Contractor Roof Cleaner Hydro TwisterNeed to clean a dirty roof? Attach this Roof Cleaner to a hot or cold pressure washer to remove algae, mildew, and dirt streaks from a roof. Constructed of rust resistant stainless steel with an aluminum spray bar to ensure a long life of use, even in corrosive environments. CONTRACTOR ROOF CLEANER HYDRO TWISTER4 Adjustable CastersIncludes a pressure reduction valve, pressure gauge, non-marking wheels, and a ball valve to shut off water. Wheel width and height are adjustable, without tools, for maximum impact on a variety of roof styles.MODELPSIGPMDECK NOZZLES*TEMPWTLISTANTR13000-40003 - 624"(2) 2.7175F33 $2,155.26 *NOTE: Nozzles -15 industrialPressure adjustment with gauge andUse pop pins to adjust height of Slide wheels in or out to adjustwater supply on/off ball valve on deck. deck, no tools needed. width for different roof styles.The Water Recovery Hydro Twister Vac The Twister Vac is a unique rotary surface cleaner with wash water recovery capability. Imagine how efficient you will clean without the hassle of having to do a final rinse or containing wastewater runoff. Using a Twister Vac with your existing hot water mobile wash skid, you will be able to clean flat surfaces up to 20,000 sq. ft. per hour, plus recover your wash water all in one simple step when you connect to a Hydro Vacuum recovery system. WATER RECOVERY HYDRO TWISTER4 Casters with Wishbone HandleStainless construction, 30 deck with brush splash guard. Requires minimum 100cfm/ 91 lift vacuum source, 2 vacuum hose, and a pressure washer. Suitable for use on greasy factory floors, concrete parking lots and drive-thru areas, gas stations and garagesMODELPSIGPMDECK NOZZLES*TEMPWTLISTANTV5 ANTV53000-40004.8 - 5.530"(2) 2.7200F54$3,738.28NOTE:22 Cleaning Path, 6 GPM max flow w/ larger nozzles, requires 2 vacuum hose, pressure washer, and water recovery vacuum. *Nozzles -151 YEAR WARRANTYMADE IN THE USA70 NOTE: Weights shown are for units only, not packaged shipping weights.'