b'FLOAT VALVES / TANK FITTINGSFLOAT TANK ASSEMBLYYFLOATANK PART #DESCRIPTIONGPMPSI INLETWTLISTYFLOATANKFloat Tank, 1.05 Gallon7.01403/8 BSP-M1.85$159.81NOTE: 11.0 L x 5.0 W x 8.5 H, Plastic Includes Lid, YFLOATVALVE Assembly, Tank Screen Outlet Fitting, & Overflow Barb Fitting; 140 F Max TempFLOAT VALVESPART #DESCRIPTIONGPMPSI INLETWTLISTBronze Float Valves6AMA1Bronze Float Valve, 10 Brass Arm20125 1/2 NPT-M .69$114.862X525-5 2X525-5Bronze Float Valve, 10 Brass Arm40100 3/4 NPT-M .90$107.33PF45Plastic Float Ball, 4 Diam. x 5LN/AN/A1/4-20 FPT.15$16.62Brass Float Valve AssembliesPF45 YFLOATVALVEBrass Float Valve w/ Gray Float71453/8 BSP-M.65$52.06YRG60FVBrass Float Valve w/ Black Float71451/2 BSP-M.80$117.03200008520ST-8 Brass & Plastic, Brass Arm51401/2 NPT-F.44$44.13YFLOATVALVE 22.0018Brass Float Valve w/ Float1051/2 NPT-M.75$68.15LIQUID LEVEL SWITCHPART #DESCRIPTIONPSI WTLIST4YM37 4YM37Liquid Level Switch, Horizontal100.10$74.41NOTE: Switch, Magnetically Actuated Dry Reed, Fitting 5/8-11 UNC, VA Rating 30, Operation NO/NC, Stem Material Polypropylene, Float Material Polypropylene, HorizontalHUDSON VALVEPART #DESCRIPTIONINLET WTLISTHV-S 1/2Hudson Shutoff Valve1/2 NPT-F.55$88.07HV-1Hudson Shutoff Valve1 NPT-F.64$81.77NOTE: The unique patented design of the Hudson Valve uses fluid pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close the valve. When properly installed, the valve will meet anti-siphon requirements. Flow rate is approximately 80% of flow supplied to valve.HV-1 HEIGHT: 5.0 / DIAMETER: HV-S1/2 = 3.0 / HV-1 = 3.75 /MAX FLUID TEMP: 90 F /OPERATING PRESSURE: HV-S1/2 = 8 PSI - 100 PSI / HV-1 = 8 PSI - 65 PSI w/ a minimum 8 GPM flow rateTANK BULKHEAD FITTINGSPART #FPT WTLISTTF-0501/2.25$21.16TF-0753/4.23$21.16TF-1001.34$25.15TF-1251-1/4.35$30.73TF-075 TF-100 TF-1501-1/2.69$47.33122 DONT SEE THE EXACT PART THAT YOU NEED, CALL US TODAY.'