b"CAT PUMPS4DNX25GSI 67DX39G1I PUMPS WITH BUILT-IN UNLOADER & INJECTORPART #GPMPSISHAFTRPMBORE DIA.STROKEWTLISTGas Flange4DNX25GSI2.530003/4345014mm6.8mm10.7$595.294DNX27GSI 2.730003/4345014mm7.2mm10.7$601.924SPX32G1I 3.230001345014mm8.3mm13.9$981.8867DX39G1I3.940001345014mm10.3mm17.5$955.86ALL PUMPS REQUESTED TO SHIP UPS WILL RECEIVE FOAM PACKAGING TO ENSURE SAFE DELIVERYNEED PUMP PARTS?CALL US TODAY. WE'RE YOUR PUMP PARTS HEADQUARTERS!FOR GENUINE Dont see the exactCAT PUMPS Cat Pumps model you need?REPLACEMENTCall us today.PARTS We can have it drop shippedSee page 31 for the RIGHT price!3426224"