b'WATER FILTERSSPRAYING SYSTEMS WATER FILTERSPART #DESCRIPTION WTLISTComplete StrainersAA122-1/2-PP-501/2 NPT-F Inlet/Outlet.20$27.90AA122-3/4-PP-503/4 NPT-F Inlet/Outlet.20$27.90CP23173-EPR AA430ML-1-PP-501 NPT-F Inlet/Outlet.90$53.91INCLUDES: 50 Mesh Stainless Steel Strainer Assembly, PolypropyleneReplacement PartsCP23173-EPRGasket, AA122 1/2 & 3/4 Models.01$7.19CP45102-3-SSPPStrainer, 50 Mesh SS, 1/2 & 3/4 Models.02$10.60AA430ML-1-PP-50 CP7717-2-226-EPRGasket, AA430 1 Models.11$8.67CP50494-EPRGasket, Main Body, AA430 1 Models.01$3.36AA122-3/4-PP-50 CP16903-4-SSPPStrainer, 50 Mesh SS, 1 Models.02$20.71NOTE:SS = Stainless SteelGREEN CAP WATER FILTERPART #DESCRIPTION INLETOUTLETWTLISTZMFILCast Alum. Body, Inline Filter1/2 BSP-F1/2 BSP-M.39$37.6410016776Replacement Filter, 50 Mesh SS.01$18.00INCLUDES: 1/4 Side Ports (2)PSI: 145 /GPM: 5.8 / MESH: 50NOTE:SS = Stainless SteelZMFILVIPER & DURAVIEW WATER FILTERSPART #DESCRIPTION BYPASSINLETOUTLETWTLISTV100651Integrated G H Fitting & Filter1/4 (2)3/4 FGH1/2 NPT-M.71$27.55100651Integrated G H Fitting & Filter1/4 (2)3/4 FGH1/2 NPT-M.55$33.10100652Integrated G H Fitting & Filter1/4 (2)3/4 FGH3/8 NPT-M.50$33.10100651 100649Integrated G H Fitting & FilterNone3/4 FGH1/2 NPT-M.45$29.86100669Repair Kit, Duraview.03$7.17660105Clear Cover, Plastic (Duraview Filter).02$4.07110 DONT SEE THE EXACT WATER FILTER THAT YOU NEED, CALL US TODAY.'